Recovery -4-

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안녕 여러분~ So since this is my first fanfiction, I don't know how it is. Any feedback would be nice :) And here's Chapter 4 ^^

D.O had stayed up with Baekhyun and Chen and Lay to revise some parts of the song and they decided to start from scratch and redistribute the parts. To keep it safe Lay would sing a majority of the Chinese version. After fixing the song, all of EXO gathered together to practice dancing. Since they would be on a program together soon on Monday they needed to practice old choreography -- which included Wolf, Growl, and Overdose, some of the most popular EXO songs. Once they verified everyone was familiar again it was 1 am, but Suho insisted they practice the choreography for their new upcoming song. He still wasn't satisfied with Sehun and Chanyeol's improve dancing during the rap. D.O and Kai had returned to their shared dormitory room around 3:30 in the morning, which only left them time to nap. D.O felt revitalized by that nap, though. He was excited to meet his fan again and get to learn more about her. Despite him not sleeping much, he was still energized to get the day started. He was up before the other members and it was dawn. The sun was just peering through the window when D.O went downstairs to prepare a healthy breakfast for the busy boys. After cooking for his fan yesterday he was reminded of his fondness of cooking for others; so he was tempted to cook in the morning. As he put a bowl of cut fruit on the table next to a big bowl of fried eggs and cooked sausages, he heard a few boys' loud footsteps down the hall. As he saw Xiumin and Chen enter the room in their pajamas with messy hair he was reminded of his dream from a few nights before. D.O wished he could cook for his bandmates more often. The boys smiled and grinned when they saw the fresh food on the table. "D.O! When did you do this? Did you even go to sleep?" Xiumin quesitoned. D.O just smirked and motioned for them to sit and eat. Eventually all 9 boys were sitting at the table munching on D.O's food, talking about the latest news. D.O realized he enjoyed the chatter outside of the EXO schedule since it was refreshing to his ears. "Aw. Hyung? Did you hear about Go Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun? They got married! I was totally out of it and didn't know until recently that they were a couple." "Suho, did you hear about that program Produce 101? There are so many pretty girls on the show, and they're all really talented." "whoa whoa whoa...did anyone keep up with the whole 2ne1 issue? Minzy's leaving!" One of them shouted. It felt nice for them all to bond again and talk about anything besides how busy they would be for eternity. Suddenly one of the managers came and announced D.O needed to get ready. It was approximately 9am which meant that the managers purposely delayed the van ride so D.O could chat with his friends longer. D.O waved excitedly to the boys as he left and got in the familiar van. Today D.O requested that they listen to music on the way to keep his spirits up. Lauren and the boy group idol were to meet at a park today. After hopping out of the van the stylists came over to do his makeup and hair while one of the producers outlined the schedule: 10am-12pm introductions; hang in park 12pm-1pm Lauren's tour of hometown 1pm-2pm lunch 2pm-3pm reflection and interview D.O could spot Lauren near a tree surrounded by the production team. She looked flawless in the sun. But as he got closer he could hear her violently coughing again. One of the PDs came up and gave her more medicine. Her lips looked a tad pale, but a stylist came over and put lip gloss on her to hide it. "Kyungsoo!" She gleamed when she spotted him behind everyone. He shifted around so he could see her better and greeted her. "Hi! How are you?" He asked. She had to clear her throat before replying: "I'm good! I'm so happy we get another day together, Kyungsoo. SM must be amazing! Did you sleep well?" She asked the question reluctantly since she felt guilty knowing EXO doesn't sleep much. "Err..I suppose. But I feel great!" Was all he could say, but he truly meant it. "Kyungsoo," she began. D.O loved the way she kept saying his name. "How much did you sleep last night? How much do you usually sleep?" She sounded like she didn't really want to know. "hm...I think all of EXO got back to the dorms a little after 3...I woke around 6. I suppose I just sleep in the van and sometimes I get to doze off during practice..But I feel fine right now!" He had to add the last part because her face looked disappointed. "I feel so guilty. I didn't know you were all so sleep deprived. Kyungsoo, why don't you just take the day off and catch up on sleep?" She slowly suggested. D.O quickly refused: "No! I feel great! I was so excited for today! That's why I was up so early! And yet, I feel like I slept 20 hours." She smiled again, but it wasn't as bright. The producers led the 2 to do the playground. Despite him feeling like a child when he was with her, he decided to embrace it and suggested they play on the swings. For a while he just pushed her, but then she suggested they have a competition -- whoever could jump the furthest. So D.O and her were thrusting their legs to get as high as possible so they could jump far. D.O wanted her to win so when they decided to jump, he stopped going as high. As they jumped the boy felt like time was slowed down. He turned to Lauren and the two of them locked eye contact mid-air. Her hair was flowing and he wished he could take pictures just to see her soft hair flow with the wind. Time was back to normal when he harshly hit the ground. Fortunately his legs and ankles weren't hurt -- he knew SM would be furious if he hurt himself just meeting a fan. She was giggling her head off as the 2 stood up and the stylists came over to brush them off. At noon the vans drove them a little further towards Lauren's hometown. He was surprised how close it was to his part of town. She watched closely to gauge his reactions, and mimicked his gleam as they reached the main location. This time Lauren led the way and D.O was given a tour. "This is the center square -- where my friends, family, and I enjoy shopping sometimes. Luckily the clothing is relatively cheap. Over there is a great ice cream shop that I live for!" She pointed enthusiastically which made everyone glance over and smile at how childish and innocent she sounded. The production team nudged D.O: "ah well how about a treat for you today?" Her eyes lit even more at his words. She skipped over to the little mom and pop shop. Despite having a good time, D.O was still trying to be considerate of his strict diet. But it was blown when Lauren took control and ordered 2 of her favorite chocolate and peanut butter combinations. His mouth watered at the look of it. The cameras snapped a few photos and then sat down themselves to try the tasty treat. This gave the 2 some more privacy for a little. "So Lauren, I was curious. With a name like Lauren you seem to be a foreigner. How do you know Korean so well?" He asked. She giggled at first. "Is that so? No. I'm's just my mom and aunt really enjoyed American television and wanted to give me an English name. And I don't like my Korean name." "Oh...well do you know English?" "Of course! I was forced to watch those tv shows as I got older. So I picked up on it. Plus my parents know it so they've taught me." The production crew finished scarfing down their ice cream and started loading everything back up. Next, Lauren dragged D.O to her house nearby. The tour was short as the house wasn't big, but it was humble. The suburban town right out of seoul was cute and tiny. The tour ended near the vans. "And this is the clinic I visit on a regular basis. Unfortunately it isn't capable of treating me, but it provides the medications and vaccinations I need." Why did the tour have to end gloomily? D.O felt a little uncomfortable, but was cheered up by her smile as she remembered the restaurant they'd be going to. Everyone followed to the restaurant Lauren enjoyed. After lunch was interviews. The production crew drove the two back to the SM town. "D.O, your manager has informed us you were hesitant about meeting this weekend. How are your feelings now?" "It was a great decision. I may be busy in EXO, but I will always try to find time for my fans. Lauren happened to be one of the best." "In this next album, what can the fans expect?" "This next album is very versatile. I can't say which song is my favorite, but there's at least one song on the album that everyone will like. Everyone will find a song they enjoy." "D.O -- any last remarks on this weekend?" "I learned a lot about my special fan and about myself. It was a great reflection period." His interview ended quickly and he saw Lauren finishing hers as well. They were placed together for final photos and an interview. D.O smiled as he turned to face Lauren. "Lauren, it was a great weekend. I wish I had gotten to meet you sooner so I would know more about you. You certainly made my life brighter and I wish we can meet again." Her face already had tears trickling down as he spoke. They were both realizing this was the last hour of their incredible weekend together. "Lauren, I want to give you a special copy of EXO's new comeback. It was signed by all of us. And we all want you to know we appreciate the love you give all of us -- especially me. If it weren't for fans like you, I don't think EXO would have survived compared to other groups. I also wanted to give you tickets to our yet-to-be announced concert." Her mouth dropped when he put the V.I.P passes around her head. "W-when are they?" She could hardly ask. The production crew giggled at how happy she was. "I believe the concert will be at the beginning of next year. We're almost done learning the choreography. And then we'll release the album and film the music videos." "Oh." Was suddenly all she could say. " will you come? I want to see you there." He hesitated since something seemed wrong. She didn't respond, yet, she just looked deep into his eyes. The entire crew was quiet. "Lauren? I'm sorry..?" He felt uncomfortable, now. "No...please don't be sorry. It's a wonderful gift. More than I expected to receive from my favorite and most loved singer. You've been very amazing towards me. I thank the program that was able to set this up. It has given me hope. Maybe I can see this concert. It sure would be nice to see you all perform on stage. Luckily, I was given the chance to have a personal performance. EXO and SM are the best." She said with a sad, yet happy smile on her face. D.O tried to wipe the tears. The two hugged and it lasted longer than he expected, but he didn't want it to end. The crew fidgeted and then took Lauren away. She said one last "thank you. I love you my Kyungsoo." Before the crew took her to the elevator. That's when D.O realized it: he loved Lauren. Perhaps it was love at first sight. Something about her was so moving to him. He suddenly felt lonely with her gone despite only meeting her the day before.

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