B.A.P Screenshot Game 2 Results

Here are my results for the 2nd B.A.P game

Yay!!! Going to the amusement park! Thank you Bang Yong Guk lol

Why did you ruin my beauty sleep Jong Up lol

Bang Yong Guk and Jong Up are the 2 I sat in between.

Aww thanks even though I could have bought my own ticket

Zelo and Himchan held my hands

Awww my bias is jealous. Awww so cute lol

Yes!!! Going on every ride with Daehyun lol

Aww why so scared Jong Up

Yes!! Free food!!! lol

At least I had someone to talk to on the way home lol

Awww Youngjae is so cute. Baby Mod Squad:@StefaniTre@AimeeH@Helixx@JiyongLeo@JohnEvans@CrystalBlunt

Hi! Hello! 안녕!- Shownu, 2016 lol
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