{SS} Support Sunday: Bixslow!

I choose Bixslow for Support Sunday!

I'll admit I don't know much about Bixslow (I mean, who does?) but he sticks out as one of my favorite supporting characters that's a bit more out of the main support like Makarov / Laxus / Levy!!! I want to see him play with his dolls, learn more about his past, and just get to see more of his amusing personality!! Oh, and I'd love to know more about why he follows Laxus. Maybe some more of this was revealed in the parts of the manga I haven't read (I skipped some chapters to be 'caught up' for the time being, lol) but yeah!!

I love Bixslow and wish I could hang out with him for a day XD

Also idk who drew this fan art of what he could look like but I LOVE IT.

I also mighhhhht be a supporter of the Bixslow x Lisanna ship :D


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