Day #8

My favorite song from EXID, would probably have to be Hot Pink, but I really enjoy a lot of their music Above is the MV, lyrics video, and their dance practice

Now it's time for Leo Singing, above will be photos and then below I'll link some videos so you can hear him as well as see nice pictures of him singing

Credit to "bbc Bana" the YouTube page that uploaded these clips of Leo singing, it's a great video x3


Hi everyone, my name is Courtney, and I'm a huge fan of Vixx with my ultimate bias being Leo. My top 6 groups are Vixx, Bts, Bigbang, Ft. Island, Got7, and Exo. After those 6 I lose track of how to arrange groups because I love way too many to decide. I make it a point to listen to all groups and discover all the underrated groups I can, both for guy and girl groups 💙 As for girl groups, I have trouble trying to choose my favorite, but some of the ones I pay attention to most often would be 2ne1, EXID, and AoA
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