Makeup Inspiration for Ponytail Looks!

It's summer. It's hot. I need to wear my hair up!!!

But not anymore!

Here's some inspiration on looks to try with your ponytails :)

Go bold with your eyes to draw focus to them!

Your being out of your face gives you the chance to emphasize your eyes even more. Give your lips a little gloss and that's it. Clean, simple, but put together!

Full pony? Add a pop of color on your lips, and match your eyes to it slightly!

Sleek pony? Try smokey eyes!

Wanna go formal?

Add red lips, dark liner & mascara, and big earrings to a classy ponytail look to make it perfect for a more formal occasion!

Try adding shimmer to your eyes to accentuate them!

Keep the rest of your makeup neutral if you can :)

Dark lips can help you rock a more sophisticated pony tail!

Don't feel like a ponytail look has to be sloppy or lazy - it can be totally high fashion, too!

Statement hair? Match it with statement lips! Go red!!!

There are soooo many other ways you can wear your makeup with a ponytail, but what I'm trying to highlight is that pony tails aren't lazy, and you can definitely go crazy with your makeup even if you're just putting your hair up in a simply pony tail!

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