Let us therefore follow after the things... where one may edify another. Paul has a great deal to say in his epistles about edifying. We are to follow after things where we may edify one another. “Edify” is an architectural word. To edify is to build up. We are builders. Human lives everywhere are unfinished buildings, and every one who passes by lays a block on the wall or adds an ornament to the structure. A hundred people touch you each day, in business contracts, in social fellowships, in friendships, in letters, in transient meetings, and every one of them builds something on the wall of your life, either something that will add to the adornment of your character or something that will mar and disfigure it. Every one who comes into our presence even for a moment, who speaks a word to us, even every one who reaches us most remotely with his influence, leaves some line of beauty or some mark of marring on our character. We are exhorted to be careful that in all we do to others we really edify them.

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