Day 1 of the 30 Day challenge

That's right nakama!! It's the start of our 30 Day Manga Challenge!! Day 1 is What is your favorite genre in manga?

For me, It's Ecchi of course. I like action Ecchi, Harem Ecchi, Ecchi in general, as long as it doesn't have a ridiculous amount of fan service, I'm fine with it

The reason why I love Ecchi is, 1, I'm the Ecchi mod, frankly I have to love it even if I don't, jk I'm not forced to love them :P 2, I have a dirty mind so frankly, Ecchi is a go to thing to feed my dirty mind XDXDXD and 3, most Ecchi's I seen so far were extremely funny

That's Day 1 Nakama, and that's the Ecchi mod's Favorite Genre. So now it's your turn Nakama, Day 1 of the 30 Day manga Challenge begins now, hope you've enjoyed, this is the Ecchi mod, and I hope you nakama have a nice day

I love anime, video games, Japanese music, ICP, and blood >:) imma juggalo and otaku. u dont like me, well fuck u. life sucks get a fuckin helmet. im 18 but I am a strong willing person, I dont fight unless I need to.
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