Lay's a slick gentleman on the cover of 'Cosmopolitan'

Written: jubilantj Lay be slaying as usual. 'Slayage' is not a term I like to use but for Lay I just have to. The idol decorated the cover of 'Cosmopolitan's August issue, looking like a slicked back playa who's out to get our hearts. Well, no need to try, Lay, because you've already got them! Source: Allkpop

Zhang Yixing is the another reason why I'm single... Plus him and Xiumin are always fighting for UB position... *le sigh* 😂😂😂 My Kpop Crew:My Unicorn Crew: Making a new collection just for Lay~ If you like to be part of the tags of all things Yixing, then comment below.

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