A New beginning: adopting a kids chapter 1

It had been 7 years sense Mark and Jackson had been together making music and sharing memorys wih each other going on Tours with the rest of the got 7 members. Now they are wanting to settle down "Hey Babe how are you doing?" Mark asked jackson "Im great hun just thinking about our life and how great these years been to us." jackson replied with a smile on his face "Oh yeah? Well i gotta a question" Said Mark A bit of slince goes by Mark takes a deep breath "Ah okay how do you feel about having kids?" Mark asked jackson Jackson got a puzzled look on his face. "Did... Did he Just ask me if we could have kids?" "Jackson jackson hello? " Mark said Jackson snap put of his haze "Ah sorry hun um yeah lets... Lets do it!" Said jackson "Ah really?" Mark ask "Yes we'll go to the adoption agency first thing in the morning" jackson replied The next morning jackson and Mark get ready to the Adoption agency to speak to a agency about adopting a kid. They pull up to agency and go inside to talk to Ha Yoon a young agent. "Hello you must be jackson wang and you must be Mark tuan" said Ha Yoon "Yes its nice to meet you we are here to talk about adopting a kid" said jackson "Yes come this way... Now i dont know if i can get approved but I'll try my best" Said Ha Yoon what will happen next Will Mark and jackson be approve? Or will they go home with sadness in thier heart?


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