Nakama Intro Week!! Day 1!

Hey Nakama!! I haven't been around for a really long while and I've been missing so many Waifu Wednesdays!! I don't think I'm even in the tag anymore XD But I found this in time so I'm gonna join this :3

Day 1 (Monday): Who am I?

My name is Haley, but you can call me Iruka (cuz I hate my name) I am a major weeb but idc XD I've been watching anime since my sophomore year of high school (I'm a sophomore in college now yikes) My first anime was Death Note and I fell in love with L XD then I watched Ouran High School Host Club and then Hetalia (these were my major obsessions for quite a while, Hetalia being the longest) I am an aspiring film editor, I have a passion for editing videos but I'm angry that I don't have a good editing software >:I I also love to write stories, as my back up plan to my Film Editor plan is to be an author :) I mostly write fanfictions atm XD but I have an entire book in the making ^-^

Why did I pick my username?

I chose my username cuz...well, it's a long story lol My friend and I were texting and joking around and I called him a porpoise cuz I thought it was a funny word XD I was laughing so hard about it!! And since it was such a funny word, I decided that I wanted to be a porpoise, so I became the dolphin!! And the reason I put "kawaii" in front of it cuz I always say the word when I see cute things! And thus became KAWAIIPORPOISE!!! It's nice to meet you all ^-^

I AM SIMPLY ONE HELL OF A WEEB. IG: kawaiiporpoise Twitter: KawaiiPorpoise Tumblr: kawaiiporpoise YouTube: Kawaii Porpoise
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