Sorry I've been hit and missing in action with the stories guys. I'm hoping - lets cross our fingers, that they have the med's figured out and that my last appointment helps finally shut down my current fight or flight mode. I've missed writing but it makes writers block so hard!

Anyway, I will try and post at least another Revelry and Proclivity (2 each this week). I am headed on vacation - first in 8 yrs! - first by my adult self (taking Jak & my niece) in over 11!! I'm excited! AND, I'm going to meet@pharmgirlerin ! It's going to be a crazy fun 6 days of KPOP, Kdramas, food and girly hang outs! So if there isn't anything posted by Friday blame Erin, rofl because I'll be with her! ;)

Thanks for being uber patient with me! I have a story I wrote with T.O.P. in mind (kind of) that I did for NanoWriMo last year - so it already has 30k words. I just need to tweak it for Fan Fic - or...would you guys be okay if I left it as a make believe idol? What do you think? You can kind of tell its T.O.P. and he would be the pictures posted but there is a different name, made up agency, group, etc. Let me know and I'll have Erin help me with that this weekend. :] I'm sure you guys are sick of my Xia's pics but oh my, he sent this one last night and made me drool. Totally made my evening. =] ♥



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