Nakama Intro Week: Who Am I?


Hello Vingle :)

Lately, I have been combining the forces of my obsession with anime and singing and have been recording songs inspired by my favorite anime characters. I want to give these characters a voice and it gives me a chance to really tune in with them. And its been working. I have by far written some of the best songs personally. Soon, I also plan on booted up the old youtube channel, (that’s right at one point I used to do covers where I would sing at the camera and sometimes even dress the part. Feel free to look me up: missmindy) and post some AMV’s to go along with my songs.

I also enjoy reading, eating ice cream, gaming and cosplaying. I am currently working on a GGO Kirito cosplay for the next Con in my town. This will be my first attempt though of sewing my own cosplay...sooo wish me luck >.<


Reason for my screenname?

So the screen name has stuck with me for over a decade now and I can’t get rid of it.

Looking forward to getting to know more people on here :)

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Anime lover. Singer/Songwriter. Currently obsessed and inspired by: Assassination Classrom. ❤️ Kirito & Karma are my babies ❤️
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