3 Korean Slang Words To Make You Look Like a Natural


If you know me at all, you know I love slang!

Remember: These are only to be used with people you are close to and can be considered rude if you're speaking to strangers. Keep this with your friends :3


장난 아니다 - It's no joke, this is serious!

장난 아니다. 숙제가 너무 많아.

jangnam anida. sukjega neomu mana.

It’s no joke. I have too much homework.


오나전 - Totally

오나전 (onajeon) originated from the Korean word 완전 (wanjeon) meaning “completely, totally.” It used to be a common typo of 완전 (wanjeon) and is now a slang word.

오늘 오나전 기분 나빠.

Oneul onajeon gibun nappa.

I feel totally awful today.


쩐다 - Really good!

The word 쩐다 (jjeonda) literally means “great in scale.” But when it’s used as a slang expression, it means “great.” You can use this expression when referring to something enormous or great. This expression is often used by young men.

여기 음식 쩐다.

Yeogi eumsik jjeonda.

The food here is great.

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