Idols That Had to Learn Korean

When I'm struggling with Korean I always think about a few idols that worked EXTRA hard to achieve their dreams.

Not only did they have to have the talent and drive to become idols, they also had to learn a totally new language.

If they can do it under all that pressure, we certainly can too, right!?

Yixing from EXO!

Bam Bam from GOT7!

Jae from Day6!

(he speaks Korean but it was really bad so he struggles >.<)

Sally from Gugudan!

Tzuyu, Sana, and Momo from TWICE!

Jackson from GOT7!

Victoria from fx!

Jun and The8 from Seventeen!

There are so many more! Who are your favorite Non-Korean Kpop idols?!

Remember, never give up! If its truly your dream, you can achieve it if you work hard :D

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