Nakama Intro Week: Day 1


Hello ^-^ my names Constance and I'm turning 20 in September. I bet you guys have seen my few random comments on Cards, haha. Well, I live in California and I'm entering my 3rd year of college this upcoming year. I'm an adventurer, I love going to new places and I love to explore. I'm also a curious being, that's probably why I love to explore so much xD I've always have been fascinated with Aztec and Japanese culture and have always wanted to go to Japan ever since I was 12 to see the land and learn more about the history and experience being there and see new things.

I wasn't always a fan of anime, but that doesn't mean I hated it. (Well I did used to watch Pokemon a lot and i've seen a few episodes of Naruto when I was younger.) I knew what it was and I've had people tell me about anime they've watched and I always enjoyed listening to them talk about it. It wasn't until I was 16, (about 4 years ago) when I started to really get into anime. That all started when I was introduced to Death Note and after that I craved for more and then I started watching Fairy Tail, Say "I Love You" and so on. Even though I have seen a lot anime, I still feel like I haven't watched as much and I can't wait to watch more and be apart of discussions with you guys^-^

I joined Vingle this passed November. Funny story about me joining up. I was scrolling down instagram one very late night, I was more than half asleep and all of a sudden a random ad with the Vingle Anime logo popped up and I was like 'Hmm, what's this? okay I guess I'll sign up' and I didn't read it correctly and I ended up putting my email as my username xD I don't know if you guys remember seeing 'shortyylove1721' in comments but yeah that was me for about 3 months until I figured out how to change it. I'm extremely glad that I was up that night (even though I should have been asleep because I had school that morning) because I got to be apart of this amazing community and learn about new anime that I probably would have never learned about. \(。◕‿◕。)/


Another thing about me is that even though I may seem and act like an outgoing person, I'm actually pretty shy.. But don't hesitate to message me and start a convo! I may not sound interested and may have short replies at first, but that doesn't mean I don't want to talk with you! It's just me trying to warm up talking to others. However I once I warm up talking to people, I don't shut up. I feel like I end being annoying and end up talking too much! ( as you can see by how long this card is.) (ᵔᴥᵔ)

Why Did I Pick My Username?

Easy, Konsutansu is the romaji way of spelling Constance in Japanese ^-^


Hello ^-^ I'm Constance, I'm 21 years old who is fascinated by Japanese culture, and ever since I fell in love with anime, it was just another thing about Japan that I loved❤
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