100 days of anime #7-12

hey everyone here's my list for 7-12 been really busy sorry

#7 I believe I used her for my favorite female character for day one but if I never had a crush on her she would have not been my no.1 I still say kiyone from the tenchi series is my (and will still be) anime crush

#8 my favorite anime couple. I couldn't make a decision because I really don't have a favorite couple but I'm glad they are a couple though?

#9 grimjow from bleach will always be my favorite villian only because he's was the coolest of the top 10 ( well to me anyway) also l love his jaguar form

#10. this one was a little had to decide because I'm a person who has to have some kind of comedy what ever I'm watching so I'm going with ultimate musle on this one it had really good fighting scenes, comedy, and characters that grew on you again this was really hard to decide. (honorable mentions are DBZ, Zatch bell, saint seriya,)

#11 my favorite mech anime will have to be mobile suit gundam. majority of the gundam series were good even the chibi defenders one was cool but this one hands down had the best story and characters,

#12. the saddest anime sceen I would have to say as of now is when koro sensei passed away. this scene really hit me hard to a point were I had a tear of two when it ended, korosensei will always be one of my favorite teachers

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