Cross Over

So.... This just randomly kinda popped in my head (this is the kind of crap i think of when i cant sleep. lol)... tell me what you think! :) If you like it I'll try to continue it... but this will probably only be a short story though... just saying ;)

Part One

We starred at the lifeless body laying before us. The body was well hidden in an ally, on a less populated side of town. It looked as though the body had been there for days now. The body was beaten and bruised, dried blood covered most of its skin, the clothing on it had been ripped and torn apart. The ground around it had been disturbed, as though there had been a fight. We looked up at the people passing by the ally, unaware of what had happened. They couldnt see us, and frankly, why would they. "Who was she?" The man asked looking back down at the body. His features were masculine and strong. He had eyes that were almost feline like in shape. I had taken one last look at him before focusing my attention back at the body. Every bruise, cut, scrape on that body told a story... and I know exactly what that story was. "So... do you know who she was or not?" The man asked again. I looked up at him and gave him my answer... "That girl... ... was me."




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