Nakama intro part 2

I personally think I'm a mix of tanaka from tanaka kun is always listless and Tomoko kuroki from it's not my fault I'm not popular. Lol I'm really lazy and I don't do much, but I'm not stupid. I'm really shy and awkward around people but I'm loud and hyper around people I'm comfortable with. I can be hardworking and energetic when i want to be, but for the most part, I'm easy going and calm. I don't just like something, I obsess over it. When I get into something, I go all into it and then I crash and burn because I used all my stamina. I'm super impatient and I have really bad habits like talking out loud to myself or getting way to loud inside and constantly wanting attention.

Hi! I'm just your typical female teenager who loves anime and manga as well as movies and comics.
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