Nakama Intro Week- Tuesday

Tuesday: Which Character am I Most Like?

I guess i'm most like Taiga from Toradora. She is 17. Taiga has a strong personality, and she usually is quite snappy towards people. However she does this so she doesnt end up being the one who gets hurt. She is short but hates when people point out her height. she is also cute and tends to be sarcastic, cynical, and is easily made angry or upset. Her attitude towards others tends to be because of her broken family which makes her seem like an agressive person, however she is actually very kind and extremely loyal, and when it comes to protecting her friends or someone she loves she will do anything to do so.

She gets alot of love confessions from guys, however she turn them down because she is afraid to fall for someone after what happened with her parents. Taiga is literally me..except she 148 cm and im 152 cm thats the only thing thats different, the rest of the information fits me exactly. I try not to let others get to close to me because i always end up getting burned in the end, however when i make snappy comments my loved ones know that i mean the exact opposite of what im saying. (Thankfully) and even though i try not to let others get close to me i would do anything in my power to help somebody that i care for. Also alot of guy tends to like me but i have difficulty expressing my emotions, and i find it hard to trust guys due to my Father being a butthole, and some of them have failed due to my lack of communication. However i am trying to change how i am with others and trying to open up more, it's extremely chalenging but im giving it my best.


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