NYC GOT7 Concert and Korea Town

I can't believe it's already been a week since I got to see these amazing boys perform! Honestly they were so so so so good live! Although I didn't get to see a lot throughout the concert because it was really packed and I'm kinda short I still loved every minute of it.

I was actually in New York for 6 days and got the chance to go to Koreatown too. Me and my mom did a ton of shopping and of course ate a ton of Korean food! I wanted to go to a norebang but we didn't have time.

First we went into Tony Moly. I love Tony Moly sheet masks because they are cheap and feel nice. They had a buy 10 get 10 free deal so I kinda went crazy. I also got the Aquaporin Moisturea Mist. They gave me and my mom the cute lip balms for free!

Got this aloe gel at The Face Shop. Already used it when I went to the beach and it feels so nice!

Why is the packaging for Asian products always so cute?! Got this aloe hand cream in the shape of an a aloe leaf, coral blush, and kiwi honey lip balm at Nature Republic. They also gave me a free honey and herb sleeping pack and collagen dream emulsion and skin booster. YAY for free stuff!

Went to H-mart to get some drinks and snacks after all the walking we did. Got some melon drinks, a kiwi pop, green tea pocky, and green tea taffy. Totally already ate all the pocky.

Last shop was Koryo Books, which was like a mini kpop heaven! I just wanted to buy everything! I ended up getting Monsta X Trespass, BTS Skool Luv Affair, Winner 2014 S/S, a BTS pin, a GOT7 pin, and GOT7 mirror. I also got my friend a BTS pin and a SHINee sticker/poster set.

We ate at miss Korea BBQ and got tteokbokki and dalsot bibimbap. We also went to Five Senses another day and got seafood pajun and beef bulgogi. Oh my goodness the food was so good! Hope everyone else had fun in New York and at the concert!

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