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Hoseok is a boy who lives is Souel, Korea. He was always very different from the other people. He wore black all the time. People would call him "emo" and "goth". His parents are divorced and Hoseok lives with his mom. She was very kind but not very accepting. She is homophobic so things didn't always work out. She wouldn't let Hoseok hang out with any of his non straight friends, which made him mad... School had ended and it was summer break. During the summer he would go and visit his father who lived in America. But not just anywhere. His father lived in Hawaii. Hoseok has an older brother who lives with his dad. ... Hoseok was packing to go visit his dad, but what his mom didn't know was that he wasn't planning on coming back once the break was up. Hoseok had told her in the past that he wanted to move to his dads. She never agreed of course, so Hoseok decided to just not get on the plane to came back home. There was no way she could stop him from doing that. ... (The day of the flight) "Hoseok! We are gonna be late!" his mother yelled from downstairs. "Coming!" Hoseok grabbed his bag and ran downstairs. He got into the car and put his seat belt on. It's an Hour drive to the airport so he decides to put in his ear buds. As he listened to the music he dozed off. I AM GOING TO UPDATE EVERYDAY. SO YAY. I HOPE YOU LIKED IT. THERE IS A SECRET TO THIS STORY SO IF U WANNA FIGURE IT OUT YOU ARE GONNA HAVE TO READ IT ALL. JK ITS FINE IF U DON'T LIKE IT. ANYWAY SORRY ITS KINDA SHORT. I ALREADY WROTE THE SECOND CHAPTER AND ITS ALOT LONGER THAN THIS ONE. THANK YOU!

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