Kookie Monster Part 11

So I have stayed up most of the night writing this. I was too excited about the direction I drew this part that I had to write it right away! @SarahVanDorn please don't be made at me! I know I focused on different people . Now I'm putting a little twist to it.

"So what are you thinking of Ruby?" Sarah questioned when we came back on air. "I don’t know, i was just wondering how i would die in a horror film" Jenni answered making sarah stare at her friend. "Ruby, you would trip going down the stairs trying to run out of the house, fall flat on your face and since you would be carrying a knife you would impale yourself" sarah went into detail about my death. "How do you get me impaling myself?" Jenni focused on that. "Because you're a klutz" Sarah statec. "Yea yea," jenni started talking big then burst out laughing. "I think ive had that nightmare before" jenni finally said. "How do you think ill get killed?" She questioned. "Well i think your a lot smarter than most people realize. You'll prolly be one of the last ones alive, find out who the killer is and then die" jenni explained. "Wow you gave me a lot of credit there" sarah said surprised but jenni just shrugged. "Okay so with the movie in my head of this i see suga being the killer and because it's him and he’s hot youll get together with him, feel safe until everyone starts dying around you one night in the house. But because you continually seek him and you're his safety net until you finally walk in at the wrong time see he’s the killer will he finally kill you. And you'll probably die happy seeing him grinning at you" jenni explained her short movie to her. "But i swear if i see him or you eating pancakes with a poker face i will take it you're the killer and run away" jenni added making sarah burst out laughing. "Oh my god Ruby. You have it all scripted out!" Sarah said. "I've had this dream before. Except i died after seeing the poker face and screaming bloody murder" jenni laughed. "So on that note i'm hoping no one is gonna have this nightmare including myself" sarah said. Oh Ruby, do you think we have time for one more song before we go?" Sarah asked "it’s almost 5, and i bet people are excited to get out of work or school and look forward to the weekend. "So why don’t we give them good song to start it out" sarah said as she chose a song and put it on. "That means that's the end for this week! This is Ruby saying see you next week" jenni said "And this is diamond saying have a great weekend everyone! Sarah said and then we were off air. "What song you playing?" Jenni asked. " Ah yea by EXID" sarah said. " thats a good song" jenni nodded in her approval. "So you really think i would kill myself?" She asked. "Oh yea, you're a klutz Jenni" sarah laughed. They left the booth and said a quick goodbye to Julia as the next 2 people going on air walked in. "You two did great" the guy said " and Jen, I can’t believe you didn’t think that was a date" he added in Jenni's direction. "We slept in the park, how was i to know that would still be considered a date" jenni whined making him chuckle. "I bet he loved that. Nothing says you're more comfortable with him then sleeping on him" he laughed. "Really?" Jenni was taken aback by that comment. "Shows your vulnerable side to him" he shrugged. "oh my park shin. what a great insight!" sarah chuckled. "so who was it? don't tell me that friend of yours who always rides his bike here to see you" he guessed. "No not him, someone else. And he looks cool riding his motorcycle" jenni said. " then who?" he questioned. "someone else" jenni said slightly blushing. " you must like him to blush like that" he laughed. "park we're going on air" his partner said from inside the booth. "okay you girls have a good weekend. don't get too crazy!" he said before walking away. "have a good show" jenni waved bye before leaving. "you done talking?" sarah questioned when she came out to see her waiting. " yup come on lets go, i'm hungry. i'm thinking some ramen bowls" Jenni said.

That night Jenni and sarah went to the ramen shop and ate before walking back to their apartment. sarah was busy texting away leaving Jenni to think. "you mind if i leave you and go grab coffee?" she asked. "yea sure. i think i'm going to go out with kookie" she said. "you want to come, go out with namjoon?" she questioned. “I don't think i can face him after knowing he heard the radio show” jenni said. “Oh please, you think that would get to him” Sarah said it like it was nothing. “It got to me” Jenni said. “Anyway go, say Hi to them all for me. I’m going to grab some tea as the sweet shop and than head home” Jenni said pushing at Sarah’s shoulder. They parted ways, sarah heading off in one direction and Jenni in the other. As she walked her phone dinged indicating a message. Joonie: so do you belief it was a date now? “Oh my god. This boy” Jenni said to herself as she walked. Jenni: How was I to know? Plus I feel bad I slept most of the time.Joonie: I did too. It’s okay, you're cute when you sleep. “I’m cute when I sleep?” Jenni laughed reading the message out loud. She stepped into the sweet shop and finally looked up. She placed an order for a iced berry hibiscus tea and than took a seat at one of the tables. Jenni: Were you staring at me while I slept?Joonie: Maybe?Jenni: omg you totally did. I guess that’s okay. I had someone tell me sleeping in front of another person shows a vulnerability to them. Just as she finished typing and sent the message her tea was set in front of her. She looked up to thank the man and gave him a cheery smile before he left her. Joonie: How come you didn’t come with Sarah? Joonie: So that means you showed me your weak side? That’s good to know.Jenni: I didn’t - Her text got cut off as her phone started to ring. She didn’t bother looking at the screen and just answered. “I am not going to come over there” she said right away. “What makes you think I want you to come over here?The male voice questioned over the line. “Oh hey, sorry I thought you would be Sarah telling me to go somewhere” Jenni smiled as she played with the straw of her drink. “To go where?” he asked. “To where she is at. She went to go see a couple guys” Jenni laughed. “Are you at that sweet shop by your place?” He asked. “Yup, you know my normal hang outs” She laughed as she heard the tinkle of the door open. “What are you up to tonight?” he questioned. “Maybe drama’s and sleep” She said after taking a sip of her drink. The chair opposite of her moved and her eyes went up to see him standing there. “Hey Dominic” She grinned pulling the phone away from her ear. “Jenni” He grinned back taking the seat. Just as she turned the call off on her phone she saw a couple text’s came. She popped the screen up and saw a bunch from Namjoon and one from Sarah. Sarah: Why aren’t you coming? The Rap Monster wants you here! Than she opened up Namjoon’s messages. Joonie: You should come.Joonie: You don’t have to be embarrassed not knowing is wasn’t a date.Joonie: I do think it’s kind of cute.Joonie: I didn’t know you had that side of you.Joonie: Are you on your way than? “You seem like you're popular all of a sudden” Dominic commented as Jenni stared at her phone. Apparently if he had sent her so many messages. “It’s just two people” she said quickly sending a message to Sarah. Jenni: Now I really can’t come. I randomly met up with Dominic Than she sent a message to Namjoon. Jenni: Sorry all of a sudden I got busy. I’m glad you like the different sides of me, You’ve seen my tired side, my crazy side, my oblivious side, and probably at some point you’ll end up seeing a shy side of me. Lol “Who are you messaging?” Dominic questioned. “Just a friend” she said “I think” A look crossed her face. “I’m not to sure” she said with a shrug. Her gestures made him laugh. “Anyway, what’s been going on with you? I haven’t seen you in a while?” she questioned. Dominic was one of her old friends who ended up traveling a lot and than somehow made his way to Korea. He was from Toronto originally and had made his way to Korea a little bit after she had several years ago. He was a good looking guy, well built with lots of muscles and had a great head of brown hair. “I’ve just been hanging out with a couple of the guys” he said grabbing her drink than setting it back down. “Not your cup of tea?” she raised a brow at his action. “You want a coffee?” she questioned. “I’d rather have a beer” he grumbled as she sucked down her iced tea. “Anyway, so you’ve been racing?” she questioned. “Got a big race tonight too” he winked at her. “You want to come?” he questioned. Jenni scrunched up her face in thought then made a happy face. “Yes” she nodded. “I love watching you race.” “Glad you do” he grinned. “You think your friend Sarah would want to come?” he questioned. “Nah, she’s busy with Kooki” Jenni waved off the idea. “Eating a cookie?” he looked at her strangely. Jenni couldn’t help the look on her face and she covered it with two hands for a second than uncovered her face and grinned. “Yes, yes she is eating a giant Kookie” she laughed. “I don’t get it” he said confused. “You don’t need to” Jenni laughed. “Alright” he said. “Are you done?” he questioned gesturing to the drink. “Yup” she nodded. “Let me send a message to Sarah telling her I’ll be home late tonight” she said taking her phone out. Jenni: Hey Sarah, I’m going to be heading out with Dominic to a race tonight. I’ll be home late. Don’t wait up for me.Sarah: Where are you going?Jenni: Dominic is racing tonight and asked me along, so I’m going to watch.Sarah: K I’ll let the guy’s know.Jenni: Please don’tSarah: why?Jenni: Because they don’t need to know.Sarah: Yes he does. She thought for another second about texting Namjoon but he hadn’t even messaged her back from the last message she sent. She sent Sarah one last message saying not to tell him and than dropped her phone in her purse. “Ready?” Dominic questioned. “Yup, You mind if we stop at my place so I can change?” she questioned. “No problem” he nodded. The two of them walked to her apartment and she left him sitting in the common area of her place while she changed. Jenni changed into a short purple dress and thru leggings on with it. She paired it with a belt and than let her red hair go wild. “Are you ready yet?” Dominic called out to her. “I’ve been in here for five minutes” Jenni called out as she finished shaking out her hair. “Besides I’m done” She said opening the door and coming out of her room. Dominic was lounging on the waiting. “Ready?” Jenni asked. “Yea let’s head out” He said getting up. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they walked out. The two of them headed out, his car was parked close to the sweet shop so they had to walk back that direction. “Hey Jen” Dominic said as he drove. “What’s up?” she asked looking at him. “Who's the guy?” he questioned. “What?” she looked over at him as he chuckled. “I heard your radio show earlier, how you didn’t get the fact you were on a date” he stated. “Oh gosh, you heard that?” She looked over at him. “So, who's the lucky guy?” he questioned. “You wouldn’t know him.” she stated. “I know a lot of people” he said, hedging. “Okay but this dude is like celeb status. I met him on the radio a few days ago” Jenni said. “Didn’t you interview a few k pop groups recently?” Dominic questioned. “Yea” she said. “So who was it?” he questioned once more. The car came to a stop and Jenni knew they were there, especially with the loud music. “Oh look we’re here” She said trying the door but it wouldn’t open. “Tell me” he said. “A guy from bts, um, Rap Monster” Jenni said. “Oh, I didn’t think you liked rap” he said sounding confused. “I’ve gotten to like it” she said shrugging. “Now can I get out of the car” she questioned making him laugh. “Yea sure” he said ruffling her hair before he got out.

So I made a come back! Super duper long this time lol And introducing new male character. So sarah, what are you thinking of? You going to let us in on what Sarah and Kooki are up to? OR do you have other plans? So I'm going to let Sarah have the ball after this one and see where this goes. OKay I'm dying to know what's going to happen over by Sarah lol

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