What Sunggyu's Playlist Probably Looks Like

Sunggyu used to be in a rock band before Infinite, and is very open about his music taste.

Here's a sample of what is probably on his ipod based on interviews he's had:

Nell - Farewell

This entire album (Healing Process)Sunggyu is a HUGE Nell fan and talks about this album constantly.

Ne-Yo - Because of You

Sunggyu often covers Ne-Yo songs because their tones are very similar! He originally didn't like R&B but Ne-Yo helped him get into it :D

The 1975 - Somebody Else

At the end of the day, Sunggyu will always be a rock fan. The 1975 is the perfect blend of rock, pop, and dance that is right up Sunggyu's alley. (Song starts 3 minutes into the video)

Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean (Acoustic)

Like Ne-Yo, Justin Bieber has a similar tone to Sunggyu and he often covers Bieber songs!

Cherry Filter - 오리날다

This is a Korean throwback and was a super popular pop rock group that most people Sunggyu's age remember and love!

언니네 이발관 - 천국의 나날들

언니네 이발관 is actually one of my favorite Korean indie groups and I highly recommend them. Some of their albums are very similar to Nell so Sunggyu listens to them a lot too!


I hope you enjoyed his playlist!

Does anyone have similar taste to Sunggyu?

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