Day #10

Remembering to do these is hard enough, having a messed up sleep schedule doesn't help xD

Ok, so day #10, a song that makes me happy. Boyz with fun by Bts Anytime this song comes on I get extremely excited and happy and my mood gets so much better x3 I can't ever help but to sing along Above is a live and lyrics video

Day #10 is Leo eating chicken, it was kinda hard to get pictures of him eating chicken xD

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Hi everyone, my name is Courtney, and I'm a huge fan of Vixx with my ultimate bias being Leo. My top 6 groups are Vixx, Bts, Bigbang, Ft. Island, Got7, and Exo. After those 6 I lose track of how to arrange groups because I love way too many to decide. I make it a point to listen to all groups and discover all the underrated groups I can, both for guy and girl groups 💙 As for girl groups, I have trouble trying to choose my favorite, but some of the ones I pay attention to most often would be 2ne1, EXID, and AoA
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