Challenge: Day 3

Hobbies that I have...


Rather it would be houses that people have forgotten or just the woods somewhere, I love explore! It's like my own little adventure! It separates me from the stresses of life. From people who are just too full of them selves to care about others. Or just from people who cant take a hint that I want to be alone. The places that people forget, its almost like traveling to a different realm! The old houses is like traveling through time. It's almost as if you can see the people, in their old clothes, cleaning the house or doing the farm work. In the woods, you see plenty of animals (A donkey just tried to eat me this morning.), It's just waay too addicting and waaayyy too much fun for me to stop. :)


The way that it almost relaxes the soul while the pages bring your emotions to life, it is THEE best thing in life. Not only that, you go to different places, create your own world; your always learning. The pages never judge either so that's also a major bonus! You can defy the rules of physics. You can create dreams and inspire dreams in others. You make people think and wonder. It is the most infectious thing in life and its FUN! What else do you need???

Not only do I enjoy reading stories, I also like to write a few. Mainly fan fictions though.

Like art, they also inspire dreams and take you to different worlds. If i'm not feeling well or numb or whatever, reading is an great way for me to get excited all over again. Sad thing is that I'm a major cry baby when it comes to this stuff. I really hate getting the pages wet.

And when my brain is going overboard, I day dream waaayyyy too fricken much, I write. It calms my mind and I'm able to focus better throughout the day. It's like mediating for me.

I also cook and sing. No where near as much as the others though.

Mom hates to cook and swears that I'm a chef because I create stuff I have no idea what they are without needing a recipe and they still turn out good. Everyone wants me to make my own cafe. I don't deal well with people though. Bleh.


And I only sing when I'm in a good mood. I rather sign a song. (Meaning singing with my hands, aka using sign language) It's like singing and dancing at the same time and it's fun.



And for those of you that haven't figured out the challenge~!

Future Artist in the making~! Anime and Manga has really inspired me and helped me when I wasn't... Me. It's helped me realize my love for art. It's given me hope that I would find friends that would actually stay. That people out there do care. Otakus, as i've found, end up being the best people you'll ever meet. I'm glad I'm a member of Vingle!
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