Nakama Intro Week Day 3. Hobbies outside of anime!

Back with day 3 for some hobbies of mine outside of anime!

I have some hobbies I partake in, one being ima an avid gamer. The games that have been taking up my time are mostly Tales of Xillia 2 and FF14. I also like playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Dragons Dogma and Black Ops 1 Zombies! I don't really like the multi-player in Amy call of duty I only play it for the Zombies! I'm a Sony man so if you ever want to play these with me send me a friend request on psn my gamer tag is big_bhang_theory (no relation to the show)

Idk if I'm allowed to say this here but I'm also an avid smoker and not of tobacco. The natural herb of 420! I also love to read! Right now I am just starting "Lady Midnight" by Cassandra Clare the Dark Artifices series. It's the 1st book in her 3rd series about the Shadowhunters. I have many others but that the one I'm on right now. I also love playing with my dogs! They are the best, I have three of them and 4 cats! I also love to fight and by that I don't mean on the streets but in the cage(mma) I've claimed a few titles amature and professionally too. We'll that's pretty much it hope you all enjoyed reading this. A few pictures of my dog and myself above too.@hikaymm @kurosakijess @OtakuDemon10

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