what i like to do

my hobbies, i think its obvious that i love to draw and read, video games aswell, mostly the rpgs and mostly ones that i feel reward for effort so playing dank souls, bloodborne, KH1,2 BBS, fallout, some final fantasy, monster hunter, poket monsters and others gunpla building aswell, love the gundam franchise and almost finished up the alternate timelines and just need the U.C, and ima try to enter the yearly tournament held at ax next year see if i can be sei iori lol physical excersize, love pushing myself to the limit and beyond, and im learning some disciplines, judo and some moi tai, and i like ingada club training aswell lol so to some it up, i unknowingly have become the elite type main character of an anime lololololololol

almost all the model kits ive built

and my kawaii current bloodborne character, took me too long to make her @hikyamm also do i tagg other ppl? cause i feel kinda creepy only tagging u lol

love drawing, i guess im pretty good? and i live the animes and the video games and i wanna launch a clothing and tattoo business
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