{MC 30} Day 3 Favorite Series I've read


When I first read what today's topic was this was my reaction /\ but understandably it's a serious topic so I'll take it more seriously



Will forever be my FAVORITE series there is no question in that. The characters good and bad you feel for you don't really know who your rooting for until you really want an outcome so you root for the other guy, the action is beautiful with well done lines that translate what you see happening a little bit better and the development process this is basically how things happen or turn out whether it be from a fight to dialogue I truly believe Tite Kubo does an excellent job when his writing staff and editors leave him the hell alone xD

Shaman King: Bleach is to easy a target though so we'll eliminate that OK I still have 2 others and one is Shaman King. An interesting read this was at first I thought " blegh a manga that deals with ghost *scoff* these guys will never get stronger" little did I know that to become stronger you have to die (Yamcha=God Mode?) xD but there is also a limit to how much strength you can gain this way, furthermore your not just brought back someone has to revive you so it's a two man job top that with interesting characters, one hell of a plot twist, the antagonist motivations and the your shaman spirit and you get a series a couldn't put down until I finished it.


Rurouni Kenshin: Another fantastic read I couldn't put down. Placed in an older time period these characters fight with raw skill and technique. These skills determine the outcome of fights and there's not a single wasted character here, while some series boast characters left and right this one does quality over quantity. Each character feels different and unique having various motivations for fighting whether to forget about the harsh past or become the strongest at their craft each does their part in their segments for crying out loud a kid beats people unconscious with a kendo stick how is that not cool? Hilariously I accidentally read the special chapter before I actually read the manga, I had bought a shonen Jump from middle school and didn't know what the series was until high school xD it was awesome seeing how the characters turned out though :3 I really loved it.

Anyway those are my favorites which are yours? Everyone has their own favorites right? even if it's like 10? xD I can't wait to read about 'em follow@SimpkyAwkward for the original post/collection or just check out they're other stuff I'm sure they'd love some love from their Nakama wouldn't you? Take care :3

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