Learn Modern Korean History Through Film

I'm an East Asian Studies major with a concentration on film, so I geek out about historical fiction like this.

Below are two films that can help shine a light on Korean history, but please be sure to read the full explanation for the last one!

Like all historical adaptations there will be bias. Always question the true story.


This follows two brothers during the Korean War.

The Korean people had no say in this, it was all outside forces making the decisions for them.

It stars Won Bin and Jang Donggun and will definitely have you sobbing.

Ode to My Father

This follows a man's life from when Korea spilt to present day.

propaganda film.

now they're living this great lifejustifying the lack of human rightsfunded by the government of Korea

the major moments in Korean history

Do you have any Korean historical dramas or movies you enjoy?

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