Day 2


Day Two: which anime character(s) are you like?

Well, I love anime. Growing up in Japan with anime and manga all around kept me happy and distracted. So thinking about the anime character I'm most like is hard, but at the same time easy. I have a couple I think I can definitely related too

Gintoki from Gintama:

I start off with him because like him, I the rules of adults don't apply to me. Reading JUMP and doing nothing all day is basically what i love to do. When i help out I fuck it up so badly that i end up doing it right in the end. i have people to help me out and friends who share, more like stand, my stupid ways of life.


Squid Girl from Squid girl:

Like Squid Girl my plans and ways of thinking are insane and not even in the range if reality. I'm loud, obnoxious and strong mined, with new abilities everyday.


Then there's Monkey D. Luffy from One piece:

My names Angi. I draw, live, and meme. Deal with it. You can find me being strange on twitter or unusual anywhere else.
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