Koizora: Drama Version vs Movie Version

Without giving too many spoilers because this movie/drama is best watched knowing very little...

Mika is your typical innocent school girl who has yet to have had her first love. She soon finds that love in the form of the school rebel and outcast, Hiro. They experience the simple love any high school couple should have until tragedy (well, multiple tragedies!) strike.

The film will probably have you under your bed crying in fetal position after you watch it but it is SO worth it.

I've seen and love both versions, so its really up to you as to which you'd like to see. Personally I saw the drama version first and felt like that was paced better than the movie.

Here's the breakdown:




It also has one of my favorite OST songs in the history of OSTs.

Ai No Uta~

It ALSO stars my BAE Koji Seto ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)




It also stars my bae Miura Haruma!

Here's how to watch it!

You can start watching the movie on YoutubeHERE

You can start watching the drama on DramaFeverHERE

Has anyone seen this or wants to see it?

Its one of my favorite Japanese dramas :3

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