Anime Love Advice: Big & Small Support

It's been a while since I tried to enlighten anyone with my ~love advice~ so I thought I'd try again! As usual, I'm going to feature an anime with my advice. Today's anime is Toradora!

Toradora has a lot of great love lessons, but one of them that sticks out to me is this:


It's often the little things that happen alongside the grand actions that make you realize what someone means to you.


In the case of Toradora, Ryuji always made sure Taiga was eating, too, and even cleaned her house - not just because he had to, but because he was beginning to care for her more and more.

Now, I'm not saying that simply doing this will win over your crush, but you should remember that steady, small affections will often do just as much (if not more) for you than a big confession will!

The little things Ryuuji did for Taiga helped let them fall for each other, just as the little things she did for him did the same!


Taigu and Ryuji's relationship grew not only because they cared for each other, but because they were constantly doing little things to help each other out, whether they realized how much those things meant or not!

they have someone they could turn for support when any problem arises, but also that they don't have to.


Being there to support people in small ways is often better for your relationship than trying to solve all of someone else's problems or trying to make a huge confession.

[toradora spoilers] Ryuuji was taking care of Taiga too much, because that's what he was used it, and it was kind of unhealthy. Which is why one of the things Taiga did for him was make this equal by going out on her own and solving her own problems. This might not sound like it's something she did for him (as it was mostly for her) but in a small way, it was for him, too.

For their relationship to be equal & healthy, they both needed to be able to be independent and to give each other small amounts of support in addition to being there in big times of need.


The point here is to be available to help, but don't fix everything.

You should help with the small things, and with the big things, but you shouldn't be the only one trying to make your partner's life better for them! A good relationship makes both partners strong enough to deal with their problems alone, and but is there to provide support so that they don't have to when things are too difficult.


Taiga & Ryuuji learn this, and that's what makes their relationship so great.

Taiga can't rely on Ryuuji for everything, and Ryuuji can't keep sheltering her and making her life the way he thinks it should be. When they realize this, they can finally live happily ever after :)


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