{NIW} Thursday: I Want to Be Like...Misaka!!

Nakama Intro Week


I'd want to be...Misaka Mikoto!!

This was a hard choice because in being reincarnated as any character, you'd also be weighed down with their problems in addition to their best traits. So I wanted to be careful in my choice XD

Anyways, I chose Misaka!! Misaka is really over powered, in my opinion, because she can adapt. Though she's a high level esper, her skills keep developing and growing which I think is pretty awesome! She can hack in networks using her abilities, and she can scale walls, and the list just keeps going!!!

She's also someone who's power doesn't make her weak & she will snap in to action to protect her friends which I find amazing and would love to be able to do more of!!


Heh~~!! <3

Maybe I'll be a little less....angry though XD

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