Live Action *Your Lie in April* 0.o

My Death Note(live action)-flashbacks have gone through now...XD

I just wanted to share a little...tease from my favourite anime, which is getting more and more work put into it as evident through the Eng-Dub and now with a Live Action Movie on our scopes!

It seems apparent that they want to invest heavily into this story, flesh it out in many forms of media and entertainment for all kinds of audiences to see and experience.

- First, the original manga...

- Second, the critically acclaimed anime

- Third, the anticipated eng-dub anime

- And unexpected Live Action adaptation!

I know, I know... I think this news is kinda old by now, but I wanted to share it nonetheless, as I deem it very important to recognise and promote not only good anime, but many many other things such as good ideas, notions, movies, books, manga, etc!

Take a look at the Teaser!

Sorry, tried to find the eng-sub, failed miserably XD


And one last thing!

The Why Anime? collection is soon starting its Second Season!

'till then!


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