Nakama Intro Week Wednesday!!!

Sorry I'm a little late in this one lol, but here are some of my hobbies.

I am a huge geek. I'm saying it right now. I love Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Trek, and other nerdy TV shows. I absolutely love horror movies and shows. Like American Horror Story, The Descent, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and others like it. I'm also a huge Marvel Comic fan, as well as Homestuck.

I feed on music xD. I listen to it for hours every day, as well as play it. I play violin, viola, and piano. I am planning to learn cello and base soon. I like all kinds of music. Dupstep, electronic, classic, rock, metal, rap, hip hop, the only kind of music I usaly don't like, thought there is occasionally an acception, is country.

I want to be a writer when I graduate college. I want to write for either ANA or National Geographic. I love writing and history so I could go either way. I use to write stories in high school when I was bored. I had over 300 hand written pages. front and back. Sadly it got stolen or something cause it disappeared after that. Oh well those are some of my hobbies.

Fight for what is right, for what is good in this world!
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