HISTORY SSG Results - Gangsta Edition

These results made almost no sense lol

It's a good start.

It's not YiJeong so I won't complain lol

Kyungil has an attraction towards me

But somehow is now my ex-lover. What happened Kyungil? Is it because I left you for Dokyun? lol

And now you wanna be a rival gang leader. Look, boy. Imma win this battle, alright?

Why are you stalking me?

I save my stalker's life. Hm...interesting. Well I have nothing against you. I couldn't let this cutie patootie die.

You were in love with me. You became my ex-lover. You're my rival gang leader.

And now I'm marrying you? Well you must've seduced me very well or something.

Damn that was quite a wild ride!!!

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