Kpop Imagine: Huang Zitao

Imagine it's Tao's birthday and you decide to take him to the movies only to surprise him with a horror film.

To start off with he probably wouldn't be too happy at spending his birthday at the movies. He would be a lot more happy going shopping and then maybe a fancy dinner. It would take a lot of persuading but ultimately he would accept but only if you agreed to buy him this outfit he saw online. You know it'll probably cost a fortune but you take his offer just so your plan can work. He would then probably smile cutely and give you a kiss. Of course he would ask you about the movie you two would be seeing but you would only keep your mouth shut telling him its a surprise. This wouldn't bother him too much at first but as you got closer and closer to the theatre his suspicions would grow. Once inside the theatre you would get him to go get snacks so you could but the tickets to the horror movie you intended to show your boyfriend. As you guys made your way to the movie room Tao would be paying close attention to you. He would overall be silent but would occasionally question you. Once you two finally sat down to watch the movie Tao would probably turn to you and whisper about how excited he was and his hopes for the movie to be good. You would only be able to hold in your laughter as you would whisper back, Your favorite is horror right? Tao's face would read confusion then realization as he turned to the screen at the exact moment something jumps out. He would most likely scream his head off as he crumpled to the ground. You would break put in laughter but only for a moment as you knelt beside Tao and comforted him. It would probably take the promise of cuddles and an extra outfit for him to return to his seat. After the fact he would try to play it off saying he knew what you were planning the whole time. You would roll your eyes as you kissed him on the cheek and wished him a happy birthday.

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