Kookie Monster Part 14

Alright Jenni tossed the ball to me and now I'm tossing it right back. If you missed the awesome chapter by@SweetDuella click Part 13 to read it....you will love it lol Now this is kinda a filler...so it's kinda boring...

Sarah invited the guys in while Jenni and Namjoon talked out in the car. “So this is our place.” “Wow its neater than I thought it was going to be” Jin said “Hey we aren’t messy people.” “I just figured with how you are things would be messy.” “What do you mean by that Jin?” “You’re all over the place; you change topics real fast and forget what you were talking about before.” Yoongi pipes up. “Well thanks guys.” “Hey we are still Besties” Tae said hugging her. “Thanks.” At that moment Jenni and Namjoon walked in holding hands and smiling. “Ok guys we should go home we got a busy weekend ahead and these ladies need to rest.” Namjoon said smiling at Jenni. “You guys have a great weekend well see you maybe next week.” Sarah said and headed towards the door to follow them out. Jenni and Namjoon were the first ones to say goodbye to each other and then Kookie waited for him to be the last one outside the van. “I’ll text you ok?” “Ok I’ll be waiting” Sarah said smiling with a small wave and Kookie hopped into the van and they were off. Sarah turned to Jenni and smiled. “What?” Jenni said and turned to walk back into the house. “Don’t what me; you think I don’t know what happened.” “I don’t know what you are talking about.” They walked into the house and locked the door. “Oh you do…. So how was it?” “I really don’t know what you’re…” Sarah cut her off “Wow I guess he really is a bad kisser, I figured with those lips he’d be great at it. Oh well.” “What are you saying?” “If you aren’t admitting to kissing him that means he was a terrible kisser and you want to forget it.” “Sarah! Why would you say that….I …God ok fine he was an amazing kisser! I was a little taken back because I wasn’t expecting it but I liked it a lot.” She smiled and touched her lips. “ahh are you two officially dating now?” “No.” “No! You kiss and you aren’t dating!” “We didn’t talk about it.” And on time that boy text Jenni. Joonie: Hey we will need to talk about that kiss. Jenni: Yes…. Joonie: I’m heading to bed, Goodnight cutie Jenni smiled at her phone. “Namjoon I take it.” “Yup” she giggled “We are going to talk about the kiss later.” “Oh he’s probably going to ask you out. One thing I learned over at their place was that he really likes you.” “shh…” she said looking at her feet and then looking back at Sarah. “ What happened over there?” “Well… There was this one thing…. I totally made it awkward for me and Kookie. Like I was laying in his bed and told him to come lay down too and then we both just got embarrassed, I wasn’t trying to be dirty but his face going red made me start thinking dirty things and I had to quickly clarify that’s not what I was thinking…. Thankfully your racing stuff got us past that.” “Geez trying to get him into bed fast aren’t ya?” “Jenni I was just so excited to be lying where he does.” “I bet he thought your reaction was cute.” “He did he even took a picture and set it as his background.” “Man he has to like you a lot.” Jenni smiled. “I kind of hope so.” “Ok no more talking of boys… you know what time it is?” Jenni said walking towards the kitchen. “Yes! Dramas and Food and Booze.” “Yep and we can sleep in till whenever, I’m so excited.” That night the girls watch several dramas and enjoyed goofing off and doing commentary to the shows. Once the sun started coming up did they finally fall asleep. They slept most of the day but Sarah got up before Jenni because she had a plan for the evening and needed to go out to get it set up. By the time Sarah got back Jenni was finally getting up. “Hey you should go get dressed; I have something for us to do tonight.” “What is it?” Jenni asked walking towards the bathroom. “It’s a surprise; you’ll see when we get there.” “Ahh.” “Hurry up; we need to head over there asap.” With that Jenni hurried up and got ready. After a few minutes in a taxi they pulled up in front of a stadium. Jenni got out and saw who the artist was and screamed. “Are you serious?” she turned towards Sarah “Yep and we get to get a picture with the guys and hi five them.” “How did you …” “I have my ways. I figured we both would love this. But now we need to go stand in line if we want to be in the pit for this.” The girls weren’t super early so there was a line but they still would get a good spot in the pit. After several hours the girls were inside in the pit waiting. The Lights dimmed and everyone screamed and then started Chanting. “GOT7 GOT7 GOT7 GOT7!” once the music started and the lights on stage went on showing the guys everyone screamed again and then started singing along to the song. After the concert the girls went to go meet the boys. Now they weren’t really allowed much time to talk to them, but they were ok with that, neither of them could say much besides omo I love you. Somehow Sarah got the courage and pulled out one of their business cards. “Here JB we would love to have you guys on our show sometime. If you’re interested please contact that number.” Sarah smiled holding it out to him. “Alright thanks cutie.” He winked at her and took the card while holding onto her hand a bit longer than necessary and she almost melted. How could he look so much better in person? After the girls were rushed out and Jenni finally freaked. “I can’t believe you just gave him our business card.” “What I did say we needed to try to get people ourselves didn’t i? “Yea something like that.” “This is how we can try to do it.” “Sarah you are so smart.” Jenni laugh the girls headed back home but ended up going straight to sleep. They were exhausted. The next day they enjoyed there concert hangover and enjoyed another relaxing day of watching dramas. They had a lot of dramas they were trying to catch up on. They actually went to bed at a decent time so they were ready for there early show.

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