Cleaning out my phone for PokemonGo

I know,. that's horrible... I'm so bad. but think of it as a gift.. of my allowing you to see and save memes and various other things to your device that you may have passed up on Vingle and possibly other K-Pop Fandom communities.


N of VIXX I saved it cuz Oppa is just being too cute! ^.^

save these cuz sometimes Jackson is my favorite. and he knows how to get memes made of him. guy us a genius! lol

okay so I was suppose to find out more about the origin of these 2 a while ago and never did my research.. so still a wee bit lost but maybe I'll find out through you guys.

saved these cuz EXO makes the world go round...

because some just sought out making this family a thing.. And like V like has a full made of idols.. lol


BTS . nough said.

you're welcome. your favorite blue eyed, green eyed, black girl out.! 사랑해요

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