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Her inside was starting to feel empty. She walked ahead by herself, letting her friend have some privacy with her boyfriend. She pulled her own phone out again and started texting. "Is everything okay?" She sent it, a few minutes later, it came back as 'undeliverable'. The same message she'd been getting since the morning. She knew this wasn't going to last. She figured this is what the boss meant, the company was going to end them. It frightened her a little to think about it, she slumped onto the ground, wrapping her arms around her legs and telling herself to let it go. Let it go before it becomes heartbreaking. All she wanted to do was play with them, how did it come to this. Her phone started to ring. It was her boss. She didn't want to answer it and threw it into her bag. It kept ringing. She grunted and answered it. "Hello boss, what's up?" All she heard was that sweet pouty little voice, "Why didn't you pick up right away, what if I WAS your boss? If I were, I would scold you." She lost all control, she felt herself grinning from ear to ear. There was something in his voice that made her forget about everything, like an angel speaking into her ear, telling her everything is going to be okay, "Ughhhh, you'd be such a mean boss." "If I were your boss, I would never send you away. I'd keep you beside me all the time." he said. He closed his eyes, thinking how mushy that sounded, even to him. "When will you be back?" "I'm here for the night, I probably won't be back until noon tomorrow. When can I see you?" she asked. There was a long silence and then she heard him let out a slow growl. "What's wrong?" One of his hyungs came barging in. "Hurry, I want to call my mom" his hyung said trying to take the phone away playfully. He pushed his hyung away, "Just another minute ... Um, I have to hang up now. Everyone is waiting to make a call. The manager took our phones so that's why I haven't been able to call you." "Oh I see. Then call me when you can. I'll pick up for sure, no matter what." she said. She could hear him telling his hyung to get out. "Hey, I have to tell you something very important so when I have more time and Privacy..." he said looking back at the door, he could see his brothers all standing by the door listening, "until then, just know that I miss you and I want to see you badly." He threw a book at the door when he heard a chorus of awes. She laughed listening to them give him a hard time. It made her miss her own siblings. "Okay. I'll talk to you soon" He hung up the phone as his brothers started making smooching sounds, "Why, why?" he yelled coming out the door. The leader pushed his way into the office, grabbing the phone before anyone else could. The elder came up to him, "Is this what you really want little brother? You know if the manager finds out, he's going to make it difficult until one of you gives up." "I know but I really like her, hyung." he answered. "Then it must be right." His hyung smiled, he patted his shoulder before completely wrapping his arm around his little brother's neck, holding him in a head lock.

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