Stay With Me (BTS Angst Oneshot)

A/N: Hi Guys sorry I haven't updated Prince of Seoul that's only because I have been working on this small oneshot series that will start with Jimin. Then stay tuned for the next angst story I have for you guys! Enjoy!

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I took a glance at the ring on my finger. All these emotions of anger and sadness flooding every nook and cranny of my body. Not leaving a single part of me to be okay. I felt the pain physically. But the most painful part is that I wasn't angry at him but at myself. How can I allow myself to lose sight of him? How can I let myself not to be good enough for him? I tried to sleep but I just couldn't. Every time I closed my eyes all I can see was Jimin kissing someone else. Just when I was about to close my eyes for the 10th attempt in falling asleep the door rang. I ignored it and soon enough the ringing turned into loud banging. "Y/N! Open the door! Please, we need to talk!" I shot up from my bed but froze when I heard her. "Jimin...maybe she doesn't want to talk...let's just let her be."

I held back the tears that were just waiting to flow out once again and opened the door. Not giving them a chance to see my red and swollen eyes I kept the apartment dark."We need to talk...Y/N." I winced at the sound of my name leaving his lips. It used to give me happiness when he said my name but it pained me now. Almost feels like I didn't deserve to have him call my name out. "About what?" He held Minah's hands,"You know what about...I just can't leave this bitter taste in my mouth. I need to end it correctly." I then slid off the ring in my finger and placed it in his hands as I looked down so he couldn't see my swollen eyes."I'm sorry I wasn't enough Jimin. I am sorry I made you unhappy, but these past 5 years with you was the happiest days of my life. And I want to thank you for that..." A sudden electricity shot through my body in the worst possible ways when I touched him. Everything he had done left me in pain now.

He looked down at the ring,"I'm sorry Y/ were more than good enough... you just fell in love with the wrong guy. I hope we can still be friends." I looked up and smiled the darkness masking my swollen eyes,"Of course. You were my best friend before you were my boyfriend." He hugged me and it took all I had not to cry. "I'm sorry Y/N. Find someone that would treat you better than I can." He and Minah then left,"I'm sorry Y/N. You were nothing but nice to me." I smiled at Minah,"It's okay." They then smiled at me as I closed my apartment door.

The minute the door closed I collapsed from my knees going weak and continued to cry on the floor. I hit my chest hoping the pain would go away. I cried so hard it made it hard to breath. I was suffocating almost drowning in my own tears. But the feeling wouldn't go away. It kept getting worse. And there was nothing I can do about it. Nothing but to lay here broken physically and mentally. And there is no one else to blame but myself.

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