2NE1 Screenshot Game!


"Who you bump into when your going to the building" OMGOSH!!!!! YASSSSS!!! GOT TO BUMP INTO THE SINGING QUEEN!!! SORRY BOMMI!!

"You don't know where the room your audition is so she tells you where it is" MINZY!!!!! ThAnK yOU QUEEN!!!!

"You look so nervous so she comes to calm you down" *Gasp* OML!!! MY QUEEN!! LEt ME JUst TAke a minUTE *dies*

"The one who is giving you singing tips" T HANK YOU!!!! TANK(XD) YOU SO MUCH!!!

"Who cheers for you when your going to the room and says 'fighting'" THANK YOU BA-DARA!!!! I NEED THIS!!!!

"Who tells you in excitement, that you passed the audition" REALLY?!?!? I didn't think I'd ever make it in....I'd like to thank my mom, for telling me I could do this. My sister, for lying to me and telling me I can't sing or dance. My brother (and it went on) *in my head* I'mma boss *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* (the cut that part off for y'all young forks! (even tho I'm young...) XD)

"Who visits you everyday to make sure you're okay" Thanks Minzy!!! I love you!!! <3

"The one who supports you a lot when you debut" MINZY!!! LET'S BEEEEE BEST FRIENDS LIKE RIGHT NOWWWWWW!!!!!

"Then this girl becomes your bff" YOU SAID YES!!! XD THANK THE LORDS!!! (no wonder she was supporting me a lot!)

That's it!!

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