[BBCP] Day 5: Feature Friday

It is the last day for the Big Bang Community Party!! And I know, I've been late for all of the days!!!!

But I'm still in Europe and doing these cards has actually been really stressful for me, but I wanted to be a part of this.

So let's begin!!


I haven't really watched a lot of things with Big Bang, but here are some really funny things Big Bang has done.

Here are some appearances Big Bang has made in Running Man!!

I found all the episodes on YouTube, but please just find the episodes on DramaFever!!! I promise, it'll make your lives do much easier!!

Ep. 30 - Seungri (eng sub) Ep. 35 - Daesung (eng sub) Ep. 68 - All of Big Bang (eng sub) Ep. 163 - Daesung, Seungri, and G-Dragon (no eng sub!!) Ep. 170 - TOP (no eng sub!!) Ep. 190 - Seungri (eng sub) Ep. 250 - All of Big Bang (eng sub) *I'm not sure if I got all of them, or if I got all these right so I'm apologizing beforehand! I haven't watched any of these yet! >.<

G-Dragon has also appeared in two episodes of Weekly Idol (which I have watched!) and I really hope Big Bang appears again!!

Ep. 124 - Eng sub Ep. 125 - Eng sub

And here are some funny moments with Big Bang that I hope you all will enjoy!!!! ^-^


Well I hope you all enjoy these videos and I really hope you all enjoyed the BBCP!! I know I did!! C:

What was your favorite Big Bang moments?

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