Singer appreciation Saturdays

Good afternoon lovely people! So I wanted to start making cards like this just so we can appreciate Our lovely K-singers! So the first singer I choose for this card series is........(drumroll)

DEAN! As some of you should know Dean is one of my top favorite singers, as I mentioned in my intro card! He's an extremely talented singer, songwriter and producer. He's also very good looking! If you haven't heard of Dean yet.... WAKE UP! SMELL THE COFFEE! HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK! lol but really if you dont know him yet check him out!

130 MOOD: TRBL is his first album, it's really good! I actually lost count on how many times I listened to it! Here is the tracklist if you haven't heard it yet. 1)And You? (Outro) 2)Pour Up (feat. Zico) 3)Bonnie & Clyde 4)What 2 Do (feat. Crush & Jeff Bernat) 5)D (Half Moon) [feat. Gaeko] 6)I Love It (feat. Dok2) 7)21 I love the whole album! once you listen to it you can't stop! To me honestly it's like a story! If I had to pick my fave song from the album it would be What 2 Do. Crush is also on my top fave singers list so to have my two fave singers together, it's perfect! Also Jeff Bernat (who I've actually discovered through the song) is the icing on the cake! I learned how to play the melody on the piano.

Dean also has two single one called I'm not sorry ft. Eric Bellinger ( My fave song out of all of Deans songs!) and Put my hands on you ft. Anderson. Paak. Theses songs are great as well!

Also let's not forget about his good looks! Just let it soak in your minds people!


He's also has a cute personality!

it sucks because he's so underrated.. But Dean thank you for your Hard work and great talents! Your fans love you and appreciate you! Tagging:@passthesuga

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