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The awkward silence continued on, it's dreadful to them but to you,  you thought they're in deep thought, as that's what happens in meeting's your father has with his co-workers. Yoongi couldn't take it anymore and finally, he stood up.  "Fuck this, i ain't going through this bullshit. Of course we are sending you away, once your parents start calling for you!" he answered you straightforwardly. You sucked in a small breath but you figured it made perfect sense for them to do that. Right...? They're bad people, people living in this district know them very well as the trouble makers. They were never caught, because the police couldn't find enough evidence to them. Your parents mentioned about them to you a few times, telling you they're dangerous people that they'll kidnap you if they know who you really were.  You're still in doubt though, when they told you about this 'everything more'. And right now, at this situation, they don't act like dangerous people and you believe what you see with your eyes.  "Yoongi." Hoseok said, his voice showing a hint of hopelessness. Yoongi looked at Hoseok with  a scowl before shifting his gaze to you. Your wide teary eyes met his, for some reason you teared up. You just really didn't want to go home. Your small hands found it's way to Jungkook's shoulder, holding it tightly when you felt almost losing balance and falling off.  Jimin could've sworn he saw his hyung's hard gaze soften immediately before it went back to normal again. Yoongie turned around to face the fridge. "Why do you want to stay anyway? This house is small and crappy and i am sure you've heard a lot about us from your father?"  "Hm? Mr. Song? The boss of several famous company around the world? Did't he say we are what? Dangerous and useless teenagers?" he said. The others didn't gasp in surprise, they've already guessed it just by judging the primary school you went to, you're from a rather wealthy family.  You laid your head on Jungkook's shoulder ans sat down on his thigh, tired of standing and closed your eyes, "I don't mind that. Houses that are to big aren't good too." "That's not really helping." Jin muttered.  Jungkook kept his eyes on the old computer screen, but he stiffened a little. How long has it been since anyone had hugged him like that? Not the kind of hug he received from girls he meet at the club, but an innocent one.  "Yes, my dad did tell me about you guys, but he said you guys are smart since the police still can't catch you guys yet." you said honestly. "Besides. i don't believe in my parents anymore. I trust what i see, and risking your life to prevent me from being crushed by a car is not bad, it's good. That's...what the teachers tell me at least." you giggled and the sound of your laugh echoed through the small flat.  Yoongi gulped but he showed no expression. The doorbell rang and they turned to the door, you lept your eyes close and your head on Jungkook's shoulder. "the card is on the table."  Taehyung looked at you in awe, a little surprised at how you got acquainted with them and already let your guard down. Jungkook stood up carefully as he gave Taehyung a pointed look. The boy grinned before marching over to Jungkook and getting you off his arms.  "You suck at taking care of kids." "Baecause i am one." Jungkook regretted blurting that out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clearing things out of the table, they placed the food on the table. Their mouths watered just by looking at the food  You stayed away from Yoongi, half because of what he said, half because of this smell on him that you hated.  "Damn! I thought i have to endure another day of cereal!" Jungkook cheered as he took a bite of his slice of pizza.  Jin helped you yo get pasta before he went to eat himself. Watching as you silently ate your food, a question that was in Jimin's mind popped up again, and he asked.  "What is it that make you din't want to go home?" he asked. You looked up at him before taking a spoonful of pasta into your mouth and wiping your mouth with your forearm.  "Appa was forcing me to marry someone i don't know." you replied casually. "I denied plenty of times but he just doesn't care."  "Wait as in wait for you to grow up before marrying someone or right now?" Hoseok asked> "Right now"  "Is that even legal?!" Hoseok asked, looking around with a disgusted look. Namjoon ndded then. "It is in some country, but i mean, if you have money, you do things and get away with it."  "That's fucked up!" Jin exclaimed. They fell into dead silence again, there's a painful lot of silence today.  Yeah sure they have been through bad times that led them to where they are now. But that happened after thet went to High school for the younger ones middle school.  They didn't need to go through this when they're seven. They're still holding their friend's hand, skipping their way thought the school hall at that age, not a single thought of leaving him had ever popped up.  You looked at them back and fourth before slamming your fist on the table to get their attention. They looked at you with questioningly and you grinned.  "What's fucked up?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "No more curse words around her, i don't know how to explain anything to her." Namjoon sighed tiredly.  Yoongi smirked a little, "You can just tell her you know? Just let her know, not a big deal.  "You don't understand hyung, she called Namjoon a little shit." Jimin snickered. The boy glared at him.  Taehyung, been silent for so long, finally spoke up."So...what if her parents called?"  "We let her go." Yoongi said. "We couldn't do much about it, but there's one thing we can do, that is to confront them for forcing Elsa inside there to marry someone." "Elsa?" Jungkook raised an eyebrow before looking over to the closed door of the bathroom.  "She's singing Frozen songs." Jin said. "And kindly wasting the water bills." Hoseok added. He stood up and walked over to the door knocking on it. "No, we don't want to build a snowman Elsa, now let the shower go and come out." The other's laughed as your whining voice came though the door. Yoongi pushed himself up the sofa,  Namjoon and Hoseok followed. Namjoon grinned, "Gotta grab a few beer, see ya."  "And today is my turn to keep them from throwing themselves at the sea." Hoseok mumbled, rubbing his eyes.  You walked out the bathroom not long after they the three left, dressed in Jimin's clothes. It didn't fit very well, a little too big. You had sweater paws and it went all the way yo the floor.  it would've been bigger though if you're wearing other's clothes.  "This is big Jimin!" you yelled, raising up your hand at them. Taehyung used one hand to over his smile.  It was an automatic response, seeing a kid looking adorable or doing cute things.  Jimin chuckled a little before ealking over to you and picking you up. You yelled your puffy hands slapping Jimin's cheecks.  This was a warm scene, for those sitting on the sofa. Taehyung was still smiling under his hands, even Jin and Jungkook cracked a small smile  "Oh by the way! I have school tomorrow!" tagging some friends~ @twistedPuppy@VatcheeAfandi99@Sammie9952@B1A4BTS5ever@resavalencia@moose1998@vipgirl5@locoforjiyoung@xxchicharitoxx@AubrielPope@LemonLassie@SuperJuniorelf@kennaxx@KAddict@amberg1711997@awkwardlove23@NicoleFireRose@salo@janessaakemi@LisetteZapata@mrsjeon@swarrier16@JuanitaBooRiv @xoxorittie@LunaCordero@merryjayne13@alyssadonell@TerraToyaSi@MariRi@CallMeMsDragon @Isolate@amandamuska@AmberRelynn@TheEnlightmen@EmilyPeacock@RebeccaLondon@kisashimizu16@Tamaki1618@SkyBlast@StephaniePoore @OhltsJas@tiffany1992@Polarstarr@firstladyfamog@minimanim3@AnnieGodman@Winx9119@KhrystinaLee@Raz4L@KarenGuerra93@lizbethruiz617@Gaarita100@Chace@Kimnam94@FaithMarrison@JuliaVIP@Kpossible4250@NellybugJohnson@MelissaGarza@BangtansWife95@amberg171997@strawberrylover@EmilyGardner@Parktaemi@romsalina @KwonOfAKind @micahirene@KaeliShearer@ChandraTorres@ManiGray@kpoplover492@hayoungforever@vlargo@otakukpoper@mariadelzam@CristinReynolds@Exoexo@leviniax@HyunnieKim@adorably@Zoelove@3SecoundsOfHope@BrandyJones@MaelStormVIP@NikkoNole@VIPFreak2NE1@cagonzales9696@ShifaKulsoom@Abigailh758 @xMangaLover @HeichousRegalia ( please tell me if you want to be untagged i will gladly untag you so please just be polite and ask i would do it if you want to be tagged in my cards tell me and i would be glad to add you on my cards thank you)

I'm a kpop freak, no literally a kpop freak ask me anything related to kpop and I might know ik ik it's useless blah blah blah idc I luv kpop n always will anyways I'm Angela annyong ~ im a fun person once u get to know me yes I think dirty sometimes but wat can we do were human beings not robots hehe anyways yes I'm not Korean Vietnamese or Thai I'm Hmong not many people know about us, but I'm learnin Korean n Thai my fav languages bc I also watch k-drama n Thai-dramas my fav kpop groups r EXO BTS T-ARA and INFINITE TEENTOP + B.A.P so DON'T I repeat DON'T even think about saying things about thm haha anyways yes well tats all I luv South Korea n idk y but yea haha anyways gtg later biii~
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