Notice anything?

I'm watching the drama 'Wanted' on DramaFever & a scene comes on with a woman in the police department with a ton of notes written on her board along with a few dates. Now, I was expecting to see the year, then month, then date, because that's just how they write their dates, but I saw another difference too? Can you spot it?

Check out the years & the last month that are written. They're 2009 & 9, respectively, but the 9's are "backwards" or written like the letter "P." Since this made me extremely curious, I stopped the show & Googled if it was actually a thing because I couldn't imagine the director of the show, & the other actors, allowing whoever it was that wrote these to just leave the 9 facing the wrong way. Well, it was actually a thing. After passing over some sources saying that it may be dyslexia or something called mirror writing, I actually saw a Yahoo thread that said that it is just the way some people in Korea or of Korean descent choose to write the number. So interesting.

I have now been educated & I won't have to be ignorant & ask 'Why did you write your 9 backwards?' when I go to Korea. Google is a wonderful tool.

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