Owl Dream Catcher Pendant

This Owl Dream Catcher is laser cut and etched from layered walnut wood. It was designed by artist Kemo Chin. It features our exclusive "Hidden Chamber" and comes with a 2" wood "Ryot Digger"/One Hitter! The top is held on by 8 super strong rare earth magnets for a guaranteed hold. It also features 4 wood feathers that dangle from the base! To order please visit: http://www.treasuretribeart.com/#!product-page/ncvnr/4cfd5206-809c-be36-1ff3-95f8fc37ad46

All proceeds from this pendant goes to help Kemo and his 4yr old daughter sustain as he is not able to work due to Mass Effect symptoms from his diagnosis of Cavernous Angioma, a malformation of vessels near the top of his brain stem. To find out more about this rare disease please visit www.AngiomaAlliance.com.

to contact him directly: kchinorey@gmail.com A GoFundMe account is also set up if you would like to support. Very much appreciated by Kemo and his daughter. You can visit here: https://www.gofundme.com/kemochin -Love & Light

Parent to one 4yr old category 5 hurricane. Artist. Philanthropist. Playboy. Social media to be antisocial in real life. I hate everyone, but I'm working on it. 😑
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