His Angel. Part 3: Secrets

Sorry, this chapter took so long! I was trying to hurry since I was busy all week, so the first half might not be so good, but I hope you enjoy it!

After school I raced to find Namjoon so I wouldn't be late meeting up with Jimin and I soon found him lounging outside his classroom casually talking with three other guys. I hurriedly walked over to them, standing in their little circle. "Hey, Namjoon." I said, smiling a little. I still hadn't  forgotten what happened before class or earlier this morning, so for me I was trying to act how you say normal? He gave me a tiny smile and looked away, again looking like he was restraining himself from something. I raised my eyebrows, but let it go soon after. Yes, it was getting a little annoying, but right now wasn't the time to bring it up. Later maybe. I was already late to something and I didn't want Jimin to wait long, but that didn't stop me from curiously peering at the three other guys standing with us. They were all looking at our little exchange, with concern in their eyes. Ok.......Why are they looking at us like that? I just stared back at them awkwardly until Namjoon suddenly coughed, bringing everyone's attention to him. "So Ara, this is Taehyung, Jin and Hoseok." He said gesturing to each one of them. "Hello" I waved slightly to each of them as I smiled. All four of them smiled back, but stayed silent for a minute, again like they were waiting for something to happen, but of coarse nothing did and I soon felt awkward all over again. I darted my eyes between them and started to bounce on my feet, a little impatient. "So.... Namjoon." I started after a few seconds, suddenly looking at him. He drew his attention to me, mumbling a yes in his mouth. "I met a friend and we're going to hang out right now. I just came to tell you." Namjoon stayed quiet again for a minute, thinking of something, but nodded his head in the end. "Ok, I'll tell mom and dad." I smiled and turned on my heals to walk away, but before I could go far I heard Jin mumble "sorry that didn't work." to my brother and I immediately turned my head to look and found that they were all huddled around Namjoon again. I quickly looked away, afraid, for some odd reason, that one of them would catch me and scurried out of the hallway to the parking lot. - The parking lot wasn't really that busy but even so Jimin saw me before I saw him and came jogging over. I smiled as he stopped in front of me. "Ready to go?" He asked. I nodded and followed him to his car, which was a black truck. "So how far away is the coffee shop?" I asked. Jimin only shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. A few miles away." I nodded and laid back into the seat, getting comfortable. It sure wasn't as awkward as meeting Namjoons friends and certainly not as awkward as I thought it would be meeting a new friend and driving in the car alone. Jimin put on some music and casually rested a hand on the steering wheel, starting to talk about anything that came to mind and even when we took a seat he kept our conversation going. I found it was easy talking to Jimin. It was like I've known him before, which is crazy. I've never seen him before, but I am suffering from amnesia so you never know. If I did know him then he wasn't telling me, which wouldn't surprise me either . Everyone is keeping secrets from me these days I feel. "So, was your brother upset that I stole you away from him?" He suddenly joked, taking a sip from the coffee that had arrived a few minutes ago. I half choked on my own straw and ended up coughing violently as I blushed."What do you mean mad?" There's no way Jimin would know that I like my brother, would he? Ugh, it sounds gross just saying it in my head.... Jimin laughed slightly and looked at me. "I'm just kidding." I laughed slightly along with him and took an awkward slip of my own coffee. "So, did you just move here then? If your new and all." I asked, trying to get the conversation away from me. Jimin nodded. "Kind of. I frequently visited this area when I was younger and decided to move here for college when I got older. So I guess you can say I'm new." He smiled at me, making his eyes go smaller again. "Then I'm guessing you live alone?" Jimin rested his hands behind his head and laid back into his chair. "Actually I live with my two friends." I raised my eye brow in surprise and leaned forward to rest my head on my head. "Two friends? I thought you said you didn't have any friends." Jimin looked like he mentally cursed himself and suddenly leaned forward too. "Actually, I do, but just not in class. I met them a few days ago." I nodded my head "oh,ok." - By the time we got out of the coffee shop it was getting dark and I still had to walk home. "My parents are going to kill me." I mumbled as I started to walk towards the sidewalk. Jimin hurriedly came after me and grabbed my hand "What are you doing? Obviously I'm going to drive you home." I smiled embarrassed back at him and hurriedly walk to the car. "Thanks." - "You're a life saver, you know that." I laughed as I finally got out of the car that was parked in front of my house. Jimin laughed, but suddenly looked at the window past me, his mood shifting completely. I looked back behind my shoulder suspiciously, but didn't see anything. "What are you looking at?" I asked, looking back at him. Jimin smiled shyly. "Nothing, but can you do me a favor?" I shrugged my shoulders. "Sure, I guess." "Can you not tell your brother about me." I actually looked at him confused, raising my eyebrows in shock. "You don't want my brother to know about you? Why?" I said, shifting my backpack uncomfortable on my shoulders. "I don't think your brother would like me. He seems really protective of you." Jimin said as he scratched his head nervously. It seemed like he wanted to get away from my house as soon as possible in fear that Namjoon would come out any minute, but as far as I'm know my brother hasn't been very protective of me once. However, seeing that Jimin was hesitant I nodded my head, agreeing to keep him a secret. "Thanks, I'll head back now. It was great hanging out with you today." Jimin said, smiling as he started up the car again. I smiled back and waved to him as he drove away. As I slowly opened the door I prayed that my parents weren't waiting for me and walked in, looking around. They weren't home surprising, but I saw Namjoon sitting in the living on the phone, frantically talking into the other end. "Do you know where all three of them are right now? I just felt one of them nearby." There were a muffling on the other end and I saw Namjoon's face suddenly hardened. "What do you mean you lost track of him!" He hissed, balling his fist. "Ara said that she was meeting a friend today. Do you think it was him then? " I quietly walked closer, so I could make out the other voice on the phone. "I know it doesn't make sense!." Namjoon shouted. "We've been hiding her really well and even changed schools. I don't get how he could find her so easily." What is he talking about? Hiding me, why would he have to hide me? I can't take these secrets anymore. First Namjoon coming home, him restraining himself for who know why,and now this! It hasn't even been forty-eight hours yet! "What do you mean hiding me?" I suddenly asked, making Namjoon jump in his seat. "How long have you've been standing there?" He asked surprised, standing up. " I rolled my eyes irritated and crossed my arms. "That doesn't even matter." "Actually is does." He said coming closer to me. "Not really, now answer my question. What did you mean by hiding me!" I shouted. Namjoon reached out his hand, but recoiled it as soon as he realized what he was doing. I seethed with even more anger. "And why are you restraining yourself every time you want to touch me!" I balled my hands into fists. "I thought you were my brother, so why aren't you telling me things?" I said, looking at him. At this point he didn't even look mad, or if he did he hid it really well as he looked right back at me with sadden eyes. "You don't understand ok. I want to tell you. I really do, but your parents-" "they're our parents remember." I said, correcting him as I gritted my teeth. Something was up and I just wanted to know at this point. It was only two days in and I'm already fed up with my family. Namjoon sighed "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you." "Why not?" I asked, even though I knew full well that he wasn't going to tell me anything, but I still wanted to ask in a slight hope that he would change his mind, but my heart only sunk as I watched Namjoon look down. "You're such a disappointment of a brother you know that." I said. "Fine, don't tell me." I flew my arms in the air, and walked out of the living room slamming my bedroom door behind me. Namjoon's POV The sound of her door slamming shut ringed in my ear as I stood there. "Shit." I mumbled. I messed up. I really messed up and I knew Ara's parents were going to punish me for it. I gritted my teeth in sudden anger as I thought of it and balled my fist, ready to punch the nearby wall. I couldn't take anymore restrictions. Not when Ara didn't even remember our past. I mentally screamed in my head and forcefully grabbed my jacket, running out of the house into the dead of night. I was only a half a mile away from the house when I snapped out my white, porcelain looking wings, making yet again another hole in my shirt, and took flight. The rush of air blowing on my face as I soared higher and higher, making the lights of the town look like yellow ants. This was the only time I could scream out all my frustration of the situation I was in and I angrily did so. Why wouldn't they allow me to tell Ara the truth? They've even restricted me from touching her, thinking that it would bring back her memories. Ugh, now this is all so freaking stupid. This is all those stupid Devils fault. I ended up landing a few minutes at the door step of the guy's house and didn't even bother knocking as I swung open the door, bringing my wings back into my body as I did so. "Namjoon, what happened?" I heard Taehyung yell as he saw the look on my face. I completely ignored him and violently walked up to Jin, grabbing him by the shirt collar. "Where's Jimin!" I seethed, knowing that he was just watching over their house. "The last time I saw him was at his house a few minutes ago." He said, calmly. He knew how I got when I was angry and didn't even bother fighting back. I threw my hands off him and walked back out the door. "Where are you going!" I heard Jin yell, even though he knew exactly where I was heading. "Where do you think?" I spat back, jerking out my wings again. "You don't think you can take them on by yourself do you? You're going to get yourself killed!" Jin yelled, coming after me. Hoseok and Taehyung followed and snapped out their wings too, ready to take flight. There was no doubt that they weren't going to wait here for me to come back. That would be stupid. I was their leader after all. "Shut up, I know that. That's why you guys are coming with me." All of them stayed silent as I breathed heavily. My rage not even once subsiding. I angrily jumped up and flew into the air, heading towards a place that I liked to call hell 2.0.


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