From Here {Part 4/12}


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“Please go with me.” Jimin pleaded with his puppy eyes, causing a playful groan to escape your lips. He cheered, knowing he managed to make you agree. “But, on one condition.” You stated, pointing a finger at Jimin, who was too happy to care about your little ‘condition’.

“What is it Jagiya?” He asked cheerfully, wrapping his arms around your waist and peppering kisses all over your face, a giggle escaping your lips. “You can’t expect me to actually talk to all your famous idol friends.” You pouted, causing him to poke your nose.

“Of course not Jagi, they know you’re mine anyways. But here, wear this.” He said, unravelling his arms from your waist and getting something from your room, an eyebrow raised as he comes back with a dress, your eyes widening.

So here you were. BTS’ famous banquet in which you had to attend. You huffed slightly, pulling down the sleek black dress Jimin wore, not wanting to say anything to ruin his happiness. It was his day, you didn’t want to kill it with your complaining.

You quietly sat down on their designated table, making small talk with the people around you, when you saw a familiar face, your jaw clenching in anger as she sat down across you. You resisted the urge to fling your glass at her, tightening your grip around it as you mentally sent daggers her way.

There she sat, Yoongi’s new prize. Her head held high in pride and obvious cockiness, her delicate features exposed as everyone turned their heads to look at her. Loving the attention, she shot you a smile, her giggle ringing in your ears. “You’re (Y/N), aren’t you? The boys told me so much about you.” She said, a hint of taunting in her tone, only you figuring it out.

You nodded stiffly, shooting her a tight smile as you took another drink from your cup. “And you are?” You asked softly, tilting your head at her in question. She stood straighter, fighting the urge to roll her eyes at you. “Nari-Hye.” She said simply, sending a patronizing smile towards you, the atmosphere around the table suddenly becoming tense.

“Hm, never heard of you.” You said with a shrug at her shocked expression, shooting her another smile before turning your attention to the stage. You watched as the boys preformed “Save Me”, your heart thumping in anticipation as you met Yoongi’s gaze as he preformed.

You turned away, looking at Jimin with a bright smile on her face, catching his glance as he passionately sings the lyrics, not breaking eye contact with you. “He must really love you.” Nari-Hye commented, a smirk on her face as she watches the boys dance. Yoongi not breaking contact with you, despite you not looking at him “Shame Yoongi didn’t.” She said smugly, causing you to turn your glare at her.

You looked at yourself in the mirror, huffing at the choice of clothes you picked. It was your third outfit and you simply weren’t satisfied. Throwing the clothes on the bed, you huffed and crossed your arms, feeling yourself being pulled onto someone’s chest. “If you wanted to stay in all day, you should’ve told me instead of teasing me.” You heard Yoongi’s husky voice whisper in your ear as you shoved him back, a blush on your cheeks.

“Don’t be so dirty.” You huffed and turned back to your closet, ignoring the look he gave you as he watched you walk around the room in your underwear. “We can always see the boys next time.” He suggested, a smirk making it’s way onto his face as he shot you a wink, laughing when you flicked him off. “No, it’s Taehyung’s birthday, we can’t skip that.” You said and huffed, pulling on a sleek black dress, much to his protest.

“You’re such a tease.” He muttered as you walked out, shaking his head as you ignored him. “How’d I get so damn lucky?” He mumbled under his breath.

“Now, who gave you the right to-”

“Hey Jagi.” Jimin said happily, kissing you on the cheek, his expression turning to concern as he saw your glare. “Nothing, absolutely nothing.” You hissed, taking a seat next to Jimin, Yoongi following quietly as Nari-Hye stood up, planting a sloppy kiss onto his lips, a loud exhale being heard from you.

Yoongi looked over at you, biting his lip as he saw your choice of attire. You noticed of course, ignoring the looks he gave you from across the table. You all ate quietly, throwing in a couple jokes to start a conversation as all of you laughed, Nari-Hye laughing along cluelessly as everyone snuck awkward glances.

“I need to be excused.” You muttered, glaring at Yoongi, who continued to glance at you from across the table. You heard footsteps behind you, ignoring them and continuing out of the room, taking deep breathes to calm yourself from letting any tears fall. You went to the bathroom, clutching the end of the sink in anger.

“You know I love that dress.” You heard from behind you, making your heart drop. You took a deep breath, biting your lip hard enough to draw blood. “Leave me alone.”

“How can I when you look like that?”

“Easy, you turn around and walk away, something you always do.” You hissed and turned around to glare at him. He shook his head, rubbing the corner of his lips and looking down at you, a smirk on his face. “Ouch, that hurt Jagi.”

“You lost the right to call me that.”

“If what I remember correctly, we never actually broke up. And really, ‘From here to here?’ that was clever.” He said and walked up to you, pinning you against the skin, his breath hot on your neck.

“We did the second you walked away.” You said, your breath labored as he inched closer to your face, looking deep into your eyes. “We’re over, just stop this Yoongi.” You whimpered, pushing him away, only for him to grip your hands tightly.

“And what if I don’t want to stop?”


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