{FTC} Teamwork Tuesday Twin Dragons of Sabertooth

Ok for Teamwork Tuesday I pick this team right here. It's made up of Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney. I picked them because I think they are a great match for each other. They know how the other fights and what they need to do in order help out in a fight. They can also perform Unison Raid ( which is an extremely powerful ability that allows two Mages to unite two kinds of Magic similar in nature together, thereby creating an even stronger attack. According to Jella Fernandez many priests have wasted their entire lives trying to achieve Unison Raid without success, thus implying that it is an extremely difficult ability to master, or let alone obtain).


The Spell is called Holy Shadow Dragons Flash Fang. I just like this team a lot they've come a long way from where there began. It's puts a smile on my face .

To participate you must tag us :3 or else we won't know if your participating. @Tylor619@AimeBolanos@OtakuDemon10@hikaymm

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